Easily create, share, and analyze secure and robust digital online forms. Create a form in minutes with easy-to-use tools.

Surveys, applications, resumes, to-do lists, the list goes on.

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Take photos of your handwrittern code and have it backed up directly to the cloud using the power of QR. Easily sort and share images digitally.

Works on whiteboards, notebooks, walls, and wherever else you write your important code.

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An all-in-one school package to create and manage announcements, school applications, send out notifications, and customize an entirely personal app.

Bring your school into the 21st century.

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About Us

Kilo Studios is a software and hardware engineering startup focused on pushing the bounds of innovation to create products that make people's lives easier.

Whether that easier is managing large and complex communities, like schools, or just backing up that one really cool idea you scribbled on a whiteboard last night; we're there.

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